Gemmies Chocolate Flavoured Cream Wafer
Try our yummy Chocolate Flavoured Cream wafer and enjoy it in any occasion.
Disney Pop-up Tins with Cookies
Biscuits World’s newest arrival for year-end 2010 comes in a new line of tins, with innovative pop-up covers and everlasting characters
Disney Cookie Jar
Delicious butter flavoured cookies packed in an elegant and convenient packaging ideal for school, picnic, party, and even when travelling!

Curb your hunger pangs with these delicious all time favourite chocolate flavoured cookies filled with vanilla cream.

Disney Princess Fun Snack Box
Biscuits World & Disney collaborates to produce the tasty Disney Princess Fun Snack Box!
Disney Tea Party Assorted Cookies
Looking for cookies for your parties? Disney Tea Party will be your perfect partner with delicious flavours that will satisfy all cravings!
Disney Handbag Tins
Indulge in our fantastic Butter flavoured cookies and take a ride into the magical world of fantasies and dreams with Biscuits World's